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Florida OR Not

Last week, Crime Stoppers offered $3,000 for information leading to the arrest of Daniel Armendariz, the man accused of jumping in the Bass Pro fish tank here in SWFL. Well, Daniel went on Facebook and responded…

Wanted Bass Pro fish tank diver posts profanity-laced confession to Facebook

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Daniel posted the following to his Facebook page:

“F**k it im tired of you looking for me like im some most wanted fugitive, over a little tank dive????? Lol come on now.. Well you know what bass pro ive breed fish since I was 9 years old you can kiss my ass about the $3000 decontamination bulls**t. Yea i fucked up diving in but who doesnt want to dive in that beautifull tank and who has been blasted this hard and charged with felonies??? Since all you authorities want to blast me like im some nasty criminal and offer awards well guess what………. Get to working even more because I’ll turn myself in when I’m ready, you guys have put me out to be a drug dealing , robbing, agrevated battering criminal, but guess what i beat all those charges so thats wrong af. Man it is what it is Smh you guys are pathetic f**k it run that shit????????????????

#Sharethef**koutofthis #F**kBassPro”

He also posted a video to Facebook, giving the finger to a Bass Pro Shop t-shirt, while drinking a beer:

According to NBC 2 News, “Daniel still has not been arrested.

Deputies plan to arrest Armendariz for the damages done to the tank.

The diver did tell deputies in his confession that he would turn himself in when he was ready.”

(SOURCE: NBC 2 News)