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About Stan and Haney:

Stan & Haney are Southwest Florida market veterans with proven ratings and success! Heard weekday afternoons, 2p-6p Mon-Fri, on 96K-Rock, the duo have been dominating the radio market for nearly three decades. Listeners can count on plenty of phone interaction, topical interviews, “Haney’s News”, “The 4 O’clock Fluffer”, “Stan’s Audio Grab Bag”, and a regular cast of characters.

Stan Nawalaniec has been on the air at 96K-Rock for nearly 30 years!  He loves to travel, play golf, and the New York Yankees.  Stan has a wife and daughter. He resides in Ft. Myers, FL.

Mark Haney has been a radio broadcaster since he was 15 years old, that’s nearly 40 years of broadcasting!   He is a lover of music, especially the blues.  Mark plays guitar and many remember his band Mark Haney and the Buzzards.  He also loves to play video games and sleep until it’s time to come to work at 2pm for the Stan and Haney Show!