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THE STAN AND HANEY SHOW PODCAST 12-11-18- More Dave Coverage

Dave is still locked up in the RV in the Estero Wal Mart parking lot, Grabbag, a loyal listener donated 10 bikes which means Stan has to spend the night with Dave in the RV, Grabbag, fluffer, Headlines, Haney’s News, and much more. DOWNLOAD

Praised Russian Robot Ends Up Being Guy In A Suit

A “hi-tech robot” had earned some serious praise on Russian state television. “Robot Boris” was boasted to even know how to dance and was said to be “not that bad.” Советский! on Twitter На молодежном форуме в Ярославле чувака нарядили в "робота Бориса". Танцевать его уже научили. Вот это прорыв. Вот это я понимаю..…