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It’s been a little bit hot, hasn’t it? That might be the understatement of all-time. Even the water of Florida is feeling the oppressive heat. A temperature reading in the Florida Keys is the hottest water temperature ever recorded on the planet Earth.

According to NBC-2 meteorologist Rob Duns, the Manatee Bay buoy in the Florida Keys recorded a sea surface temperature of 101.1 degrees on Monday. That buoy is located in the Upper Keys, northwest of Key Largo. It’s managed by Everglades National Park. The temperature was recorded at a depth of nearly five feet. Assuming there are no issues found with the data, it will break the world record of 99.7 degrees once measured in Kuwait Bay off the Persian Gulf.

That temperature reading in Florida wasn’t just a quick spike. In fact, the water temperature at Manatee Bay stayed above 100 degrees for 2 hours and finally dipped below the previous record after 3 full hours. These temperatures are more than 10 degrees above the July average of 87.2 on the bay.

It’s not just happening in the Sunshine State. Water temperatures are well above average pretty much everywhere across the Atlantic Ocean basin. Temperatures are even more above averages over the northern Atlantic near Canada.

So now when people say south Florida waters feel like a warm bath or a hot tub are speaking literally. We’ll try to let you know when the water is hot enough to boil your hot dogs.

21 Florida Cities Where Homes Are Selling For Under The Asking Price

It’s not secret that in Southwest Florida, and all of Florida, home prices have skyrocketed. But one metric shows that the trend may be slowing down. This recent study that shows metros where homes are selling for the most under the asking price.  21 of the 50 metros on the list were in Florida. Southwest Florida was well represented with North Port, Punt Gorda, Cape Coral, and Naples all making the list. But one Florida city topped them all.

A study by Stacker analyzed data from Redfin to see which metros had the most homes sold under the asking price. Data shows sales for May 2023. Metros with fewer than 300 home sales are excluded from this list. Metro areas are ranked on the average sale-to-list ratio, which is a ratio of sale price divided by list price, for homes that sold in May. Values are rounded to the nearest hundredth. Also listed are the metro area’s median listing prices for homes on the market in May and median sale prices for those homes that sold during that month.

Home prices are still going up, but negotiation to get it under the asking price is possible.

One thing I know that’s happening in Southwest Florida is that realtors and their clients are listing a “wish price” well above what they think it may sell for. This list will get you a better idea on what you may be able to bid, but also add the percentage of homes that sold over the ask. As expensive as it’s been, nearly 12% in homes are selling above the asking price. Crazy.

If you’re looking to move out of state and want to see the full study, that’s here. Data posted via a creative commons license. Finally, the original list is 50, this list is only showing the Florida metros.

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