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Stan & Haney

Stan and Haney’s First Afternoon Show on 96K-Rock

If you're a fan of Stan and Haney, you're going to love this. It's a look into how it all began. Stan and Haney's first afternoon show on 96K-Rock. With a bonus, we've removed all the songs and commercials. On April 7th, 1997, Stan and Haney were moved from mornings into their current afternoon slot on 96K-Rock. And 27 years later, that's where they still are. The change was made back in 1997 due to a decision by station management to bring Howard Stern to the Fort Myers market. For those of you who weren't around back in 1997, Howard Stern was an edgy "shock jock", a lot different than what his show is now. Stan and Haney's First Afternoon Show And the whole thing about having to remove all the songs, didn't want the video to get flagged for copyright issues. Ya' just never know. Listening to this show really is a microcosm of Fort Myers back in the 90's. One of my favorite bits is the talk of Brent's music. Southwest Florida back then was a very different place and Stan and Haney were always in touch with what's going on around town. And they still are. Here's some old pictures to scroll through while you listen. / [gallery ids="446586,446587,446588,446589,446590,446591,446531,446532,446533,446534,446535,446536,446537,446538,446539,446540,446541,446542,446543,446544,446545,446546,446547,446548,446549,446550,446551,446552,446553,446554,446555,446556"]

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