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The Day the Stanley Cup Visited the Stan and Haney Show

The Stanley Cup is widely regarded as the greatest trophy in sports. The 2023 NHL Stanley Cup Championship will be played between the Las Vegas Golden Knights and The Florida Panthers beginning Saturday June 3. In 1999 The Cup made its way to the Stan and Haney Show. It was a holiday, and the building was empty except for on air people when it arrived through the back door of Broadcast House. It was escorted by Phil Pritchard. Phil is the Vice President and Curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada. He is often seen alongside the Stanley Cup during its public appearances and travels, which has led to his nickname "Keeper of the Cup." Here are just a few pictures of that memorable day. [gallery ids="355268,355271,355274"] [select-gallery gallery_id="352268" syndication_name="gallery-the-2023-miss-rockstar-harley-davidson-bikini-contest" description="yes"]

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