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As the holidays are approaching faster and faster, there’s the smell of pumpkin spice in the air…ugh! There are not too many of us here around the office that like pumpkin anything. Not even the holiday candles. During the November and December holidays, they have pumpkin scented everything. And pumpkin pie is a classic staple around the holidays. Just like family arguments.

pumpkin pie

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)


Speaking of holidays, this guy decides it would be hilarious to record his mom getting angry because she cannot say pumpkin pie. She tried and tried and I we noticed is how angry she was. But she said pain king pie, pancake pie, pan-keg pie, and a few others. Careful though, she says a** a couple times later in the video.

pumpkin pie

As hilarious is this is to watch we still wonder why she was so angry. It could be him. He just laughs at her struggles. We would never encourage anyone to make their poor mother this upset, unless it makes great video…Actually it is starting to make sense now that we think about it, allĀ  she wants is pie and never gets any. And at one point all she wanted the number for any place that will get her a pie.

We feel you granny, we really do!