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Another beautiful day out at Kia of Cape Coral. Marija and John spent a few hours out there talking music, cars, and meeting some fans old and new.

Johns car took some surge water to his front end and thinks he needs to have his car checked. And that is one of the numerous reasons why so many other people stopped by. With all the possibilities of sustaining some sort of damage to your car during Hurricane Ian, Kia of CC was one dealership offering some answers. We got to hear stories about how people made it through Ian. Heard about how their cars took a hit in one way or another and stopped by there to try to get some help.

We had quite a few visitors come by and said hello.  One visitor stopped by after driving from 45 minutes away, just to come by and thank us for being so awesome. Well, shucks, that’s what we do! And we like cars too! Especially John, he is definitely a car guy!

Some came to the dealership for many reasons, others came by just to say hi. And we were so glad to see all of you!

We had some 96 k-Rock swag to hand out at Kia of Cape Coral and decided to take some pics to share!

Kia of CC