Florida Is The Most Selfie Obsessed State In America

I'm guessing you, or someone you know, is completely selfie obsessed. The reason? We're in Florida, the most selfie obsessed state in the country. A study, done by Spinbet, analyzed posts from the biggest social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter (X), Instagram, and YouTube. By using  social listening tool Brandwatch, they looked into which Americans were taking snaps and sharing selfies the most in the country. You know Florida is number one here... The results are in... Florida takes the top spot as the most selfie-obsessed state with a whopping 123,000 mentions of the word 'selfie' online. Texas and California follow closely in second and third place, boasting 109,000 and 102,000 ‘selfie’ mentions, respectively. New York are in fourth place with 99,000 online mentions while Illinois completes the top 5 with 41,000 mentions. That's 123,000 posts mentioning "selfie" from users in Florida in the past year. And I know there's a lot more selfies online that don't use that hashtag. But why? Florida is Selfie Obsessed Why? Well first of all, we look good. Our weather means we spend a lot of time outdoors. Which leads to more selfie opportunities. Secondly, a lot of people vacation here and vacation selfies are very popular. Have you been to Universal or Disney in the the last few years? People are always stopping to take pictures of themselves. And the worst? The vloggers who are taking video of themselves as they walk around the park - and walk into people. I wish the park would ban those people. So annoying. Anyway, here's the full top 10. Selfie Obsessed Much? ¿Pero por qué? Like I mentioned earlier, Florida people are generally better looking. That's why we take so many selfies. What - you want proof? Just check out this event from South Beach earlier this month. [select-gallery gallery_id="447536" syndication_name="miami-swim-week-2024" description="no"]

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