Person Learns Lesson After Attempting to Run Over Snowman

The next time you see a snowman, don’t run it over. You never know what’s beneath that pile of snow. Have you ever heard of a thing called Karma? Cody Lutz and his Fiancé in Petersburg, Kentucky,  decided to build a snowman that rose to 10 feet tall. But the thing is is that they…


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The Who Announces A New Tour And Album for 2019

A “symphonic” U.S. tour and album for 2019 has been announced by Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who. The band will be performing with local symphonies at each stop of their 31 date tour. The tour is going to start in April at Madison Square Garden. The other dates have not been announced…

We Shouldn’t Talk About It, But Fight Club Is Back

To mark the 20th anniversary of the original Fight Club movie, a ‘Fight Club 3’ graphic novel is set to be released. The studio Dark Horse Entertainment will be releasing a graphic novel (comic) and guess what? Tyler Durden is back. Dark Horse Comics brought us Hellboy, 300, and Sin City. Author Chuck Palahniuk says,…