Stan and Haney

Afternoons 2pm-6pm

It was hard to tell how much was actually going to happen this Halloween. After Hurricane Ian ripped through the area, we were surprised anything was happening at all. Some of us needed a break and decided Halloween was the time to do it, and Sidelines Sports Bar was the place! 96 k-Rock was at Sidelines Sports Bar located at 4451 Veronica S Shoemaker Blvd, Fort Myers, and they decided to go all out and host an all day Halloween event. And we were there for it.

Roger and John the Producer headed out there to see what was happening and there was no disappointment.

Great food, great music, and great people!

We hung out a few hours and met some huge k-Rock fans, saw some really cool costumes, and heard some awesome music too!

They had a chili cook off, a pet costume contest and specials all day long. Best of all, we had lots of Stan & Haney merch to hand out.

We took lots of pictures. Some of the people here truly went all out with their costumes this year. it was nice break from reality. Thank you all so much for coming.  NOW CHECK OUT THESE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!!!