In Florida, we are accustomed to hearing about strange-acting people, but not as much about animals acting weird. A coyote was spotted in a Cape Coral neighborhood last Thursday. That in itself isn’t that unusual, but the actions of the coyote didn’t seem quite normal.

According to NBC-2, people living in the area of Southwest 15th Place in the Cape say the coyote kept walking up and down the street, chilling under trees on their lawns, and even sitting in their driveways. They also said the coyote didn’t seem frightened or skittish around people and stayed out all day in the bright sunlight. One neighbor said it seemed almost like you could walk up and pet it. She also said she caught the coyote staring at her through her fence. She warned her neighbors to keep their small dogs inside.

The Florida Wildlife Commission said they have had some calls lately about coyotes attacking dogs and cats. The neighbor contacted FWC to check on the coyote in Cape Coral as she thought it might be ill.

The responding FWC officer thought the coyote in Cape Coral might have gotten lost and was waiting for nightfall to find his way back to the den.

Another FWC representative said that coyotes are definitely more active in the summertime.

The moral of the story is to be aware with your small pets. It’s best to avoid coyotes, especially the strange-acting ones like this. They can be very wily (or is it Wile E.? Just ask the Road Runner.)


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Insane Brawl At Florida Intersection Caught On Camera

The topic of road rage comes up on my show at least once a month. Road rage incidents have always happened but over the past couple of months many videos of people in action have surfaced. There was just a situation that happened in Tampa. A couple got out of their car and began attacking a Brandon woman’s vehicle at that Florida intersection. Not sure what led to the fight, but it’s being reported as a road rage incident.

Have you ever been in a road rage situation? I have been in one and had to pull over just let the angry man go ahead of me. What got the man upset was me getting over quickly before I missed my exit. I had my blinker on and everything.

He was very angry  and kept yelling out of the window that I cut him off. After we got off on the exit, he proceeded to follow me and kept getting on my bumper. I then decided to pull over and I got my phone out. My phone was out to call the police and to record.

If you are a person with road rage, please remember that it’s never that serious.

Don’t let someone in traffic get you to the point where you do something that will land you in jail.

According to a study that was published in Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical & Experiment, drivers who smelt the essential oil peppermint displayed fewer aggressive driving behaviors. You may not have peppermint oil, but you can get the tree air freshener. The tree air freshener smells like peppermint.

I wish the woman in the video below would have smelled peppermint before getting out of her car and attacking people. This incident happened in the neighborhood I use to live in. I recognize the street sign and Winkler road in Fort Myers is the Florida intersection where the fight took place.