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Snooze Cruise: Florida Driver Falls Asleep at Green Light, Faces DUI Charges

Now here are some things you shouldn't do while driving in Florida. Falling asleep at a green light probably tops the list. But sometimes, people surprise us with their unique talents in the realm of bad decision-making. Meet Emmanuel Class, a 45-year-old Florida driver who managed to turn a peaceful intersection into his personal slumber party, and subsequently, a one-way ticket to the slammer. According to Fox35, It all went down on a quiet Sunday morning, somewhere in Marion County. As the world stirred awake, so did our protagonist, Mr. Class, in his trusty vehicle. Only, he wasn't exactly alert and ready to tackle the day. This guy was out like a light! And right there at the intersection! Now, when you've reached the point where you're snoozing through a full cycle of a traffic light, you've officially entered the twilight zone of bad driving. Luckily for him, a deputy happened upon this peculiar scene and decided to check in on our sleeping beauty. Florida Driver Fail: Attempts to rouse Class were about as successful as trying to teach a goldfish algebra. He finally surfaced from his nap but seemed to be auditioning for a role in a zombie movie, responding to the deputy's commands with sleepy silence. Class decided he'd had enough of the officer's wake-up call and made a hasty exit, treating the world to a race against a red light. But as you can imagine, that little escapade didn't end well, because when the long arm of the law wants to say hello, it rarely takes "no" for an answer. The grand finale? A thrilling P.I.T. maneuver that brought Class to a screeching halt. But the party was far from over. At the Marion County jail, our Florida man took part in the "Field Sobriety Olympics," acing the breathalyzer tests with impressive scores of .193 and .200. Nice one, Class! So, the next time you think about catching up on your beauty sleep at a green light, remember our Florida driver Mr. Class. Stay alert, and leave the napping for more appropriate settings... Like your bed! [select-listicle listicle_id="342246" syndication_name="more-than-half-of-florida-drivers-fail-the-driving-test-on-their-first-try" description="yes"]

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