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Fort Myers RSW Flights With The Most Legroom

This is the kind of study I care about. I'm 6' 3" and frequently take RSW flights from Fort Myers, Florida to all over the country. And each time as I ready to board I wonder the same thing - how cramped am I going to be? If you're looking for a better experience, this is the place. There are 15 carriers that fly out of Fort Myers. We'll just focus on the main ones. And this is for general seating - obviously if you can score an exit row, that's a game changer. But it's oh so rare. So much so, that when you do score an exit row, you take pictures and post it to Insta. What a great day that was. RSW Flights With The Most Legroom We turn to data from Upgraded Points, who obtained the measurements. So which carriers offering RSW flights give you the most legroom? The one with their name on the stadium in Fort Myers.   Carrier Approximate Inches of Legroom 1 JetBlue 32.3" 2 Southwest 31.8" 3 Alaska 31" 3 Delta 31" 5 American 30.2" 6 United 30.1"   Planes With The Most / Least Legroom Now, don't go blindly jumping on JetBlue's website to book thinking you'll automatically get the best legroom. Based on which plane you book, there can be as much as a 4 inch difference in legroom, so you'll need to hit the "details" button during booking. Also, JetBlue doesn't have Boeing planes in their fleet, which is a big deal to some. Boeing's been in the news a little too often lately. The Embraer 190, on average, gives you 32 inches. The ERJ190 comprises 35 of JetBlue's 292 planes. Although the study shows this plane has more room, it's an older plane and sometimes lacks some of the technology that makes flying more bearable. If you're looking for legroom on RSW flights, avoid the Airbus A320neo which on average only gives you 28 inches. Across all A320 models, the average seat pitch comes lands at 30.1 inches.  And who uses a lot of Airbus 320 planes? Frontier and Spirit. More than half of Frontier's fleet of 147 planes are Airbus A320s, although none of them are the A320neo. Three quarters of Spirit's planes are Airbus A320, and most of those are the A320neo. If you ever flew Spirit and felt cramped, well, maybe you were. Here's how Upgraded Points showed the measurements: Image courtesy of Upgraded Points Do Your Research. When choosing RSW flights, whichever the carrier, you can click on the "details" button to find out which airplane will be used for that flight. Whether or not this figures into your decision is up to you. But at least you won't be surprised when you get there.

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