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Florida OR Not

A fight between our Tampa dudes turned into a paint fight, outside of the Home Depot on Wednesday afternoon.

Bizarre paint battle between 4 men at Florida Home Depot

This bizarre footage of four older men appears to fight over paint at Home Depot in Tampa, Florida, on Wednesday (May 20). The men spill paint all over thems...

According to the Daily Mail, “footage shows the middle-aged men in Tampa, Florida, throwing paint cans at each other in the store’s car park.

The men showed little regard for social distancing measures as they fought outside a Ford Pickup truck in the daytime.

In a scrap at the beginning of the video, a large man in a blue T-shirt hits another man over the head with a paint can, covering him with white paint.

His accomplice wearing a white T-shirt and wielding a garden hoe chases the fourth man behind the car, while the larger man slaps the paint-covered victim.

He chases the much smaller man towards the camera, who then chucks the paint can at him in defence.

The fight then comes to an abrupt end as both men pace back towards the car separately, before the large man slaps the other victim and walks away.”

(SOURCE: Daily Mail)