A Cape Coral family’s home was egged and their racist lawn ornament was smashed on Tuesday, while protestors across SWFL are protesting the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

The Cape Coral PD is investigating the matter as criminal mischief.


According to NBC2 News, “it all started with this photo on Twitter, of a black lawn ornament with a rope around its neck.

The poster wrote, ‘I’m disgusted.’

When our NBC2 crew got to the scene, we saw two CCPD Officers in the neighborhood.

They said the incident is being investigated because property was damaged and the home was targeted.

The family who owns the statue said they did not mean any harm by it but did not want to make a comment.

They said the lawn ornament has been in their family as an heirloom for more than 50 years.

Research into the lawn ornament shows many view it as racial intolerance and as a reminder of the Jim Crow era. While some historians say the statue is ‘misunderstood.'”