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For today’s Douche of the Day, we travel out to Sierra County, New Mexico where we meet Sierra County Sheriff’s deputy Grant Taylor!

New Mexico State Police arrested the Taylor last week after he was caught with meth and a meth pipe inside his patrol car!

Sierra County Sherrif's deputy arrested for drug possession

A Sierra County Sheriff's deputy found himself in cuffs when his own colleagues noticed he was breaking the law while on the job. New Mexico State Police arr...

According to News 13 News, “the New Mexico State Police were called by the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department after they noticed one of their own deputies was doing something he was not supposed to. Police say that deputy is Grant Taylor, who had been with the sheriff’s office for a little more than a year.

Police say they found a glass pipe in the center console of his patrol car, along with two bags of meth inside the sunglasses holder. When Taylor was asked about the drugs in his car, he tried to lie and claimed it belonged to someone else.

Officers didn’t buy it and arrested Taylor, charging him with possession. Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton says having to criminally investigate one of his own was very difficult because he has a close relationship with everyone in his department. “I was highly disappointed, shocked, and surprised, and considerably angry over the situation,” says Sheriff Hamilton.

Hamilton says Deputy Taylor resigned from his position on the same day he was arrested. Court records show Taylor was also charged with possession back in 2011 and pled no contest. He was also charged with DWI in 2009.

Sheriff Hamilton did not want to comment on Taylor’s criminal history when asked if he was aware of that before hiring Taylor. We also asked the state Law Enforcement Academy if they were going to revoke or suspend Taylor’s law enforcement license, but did not get a response.”