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Florida OR Not

Jimmy Ray Jones, a 36-year-old man, was arrested and charged with child abuse after he assaulted a young boy while yelling at him to “fight like a man.”

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jimmy Sunday night around 9PM, after they received several callers feared may have turned physical.

According to, “a woman told deputies that Jones had grabbed her hair and forcibly pinned her down on a couch, holding her there until the boy ran into the room and yelled for Jones to let her go.

The woman said Jones also threw a bookshelf at her that hit her leg, and deputies observed the woman’s leg was injured, the report stated.

When investigators spoke with the boy, he described hearing the disturbance and running into a nearby room, where he observed Jones assaulting the woman.

The boy said Jones then turned his attention to him. According to the report, Jones grabbed the boy’s arms and dragged the child down a hallway. He then forced him into a bedroom and shoved him onto a bed and demanded the boy “fight him like a man,” the report stated.

The boy provided deputies with a video of the incident in which deputies noted they could hear that, “Jones was yelling that he needed to fight him like a man” as the boy yelled back that he was only trying to protect the woman, the report stated.”