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Daniel Armendariz is the man filmed jumping in the Bass Pro Shop’s fish tank earlier this month.

Daniel first taunted authorities on Facebook, telling them he’d turn himself in when he was ready.

Now, the douche has spoken with the news (while currently on the run):

According to NBC 2 News, “Armendariz is facing a felony criminal mischief charge after Bass Pro said it cost $3,000 to decontaminate the fish tank.

Armendariz said he equipped himself with a lawyer and a bail bondsman.

But first, he explained that he wants to make a few statements. He said that it does not include jumping into another fish tank.

He explained that he is out-of-state somewhere in the mountains, but wouldn’t say where or what’s next.

The suspect said detectives have contacted friends and family members to try to track him down.

Armendariz has been arrested several times in Lee County, but he has never been convicted of a felony charge. Previous charges were either dropped or never filed.

Crime Stoppers said they’ve received several tips about him.”


(SOURCE: NBC 2 News)