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A Russian biker named Angelina, known as the Sochi Speeder, lost control of her Kawasaki ZX-6R while traveling 120 MPH…and what happens next was caught on her helmet cam!

Moment Sochi Speeder cheats death as she survives motorbike crash // Terrible Bike Accident

Woman biker's 120mph crash is caught on her helmet camera as she cheats death and suffers just cuts and bruises while street racing a car in Russia Terrifyin...

According to the Daily Mail, “the rider, known as the Sochi Speeder after her home city in western Russia, is seen careering out of control as her Kawasaki ZX-6R accelerated along a motorway.

Her GoPro camera kept filming as she ‘jumped’ from the out-of-control 600 cc Kawasaki Ninja, saving her life.  

She is seen smashing onto the tarmac, but was remarkably unscathed by the crash which took place last week. The woman, called Angelina, in her early 20s, suffered scratches and bruises on her rear and legs but – astonishingly – no fractures.”

(SOURCE: YouTube)