Meet 23-year-old Lahorace Pickett Jr.

Lahorace is an Escambia County man who went on a crime spree last week, and in less than an hour, he got naked at a flea market, stole a car, broke into a home, and ripped someone’s mailbox out of the ground.

And on Wednesday, Lahorace was jailed on more than two dozen counts on charges ranging from burglary and indecent exposure to aggravated assault and battery.

According to News Channel 5, “it all began at T&W Flea Market on North T Street at 11:17 a.m. Witnesses told deputies Pickett jumped onto a coin machine and started punching and kicking it.

People inside the diner said Pickett then got on the ground, exposed his penis, and started screaming. One customer said Pickett jumped on his shoulders. Pickett is also accused of going behind the counter and touching and striking a worker.

The arrest reports say Pickett left the diner, took his clothes off in the parking lot, and got into someone’s car naked. Deputies arrived and found a pair of blue shorts and plaid boxers on the ground. They said they also found a backpack with a gun inside.

At 11:34 a.m., a 71-year-old woman who lives a few blocks away on North R Street told deputies Pickett drove up in the stolen car and confronted her outside. She says he grabbed her hair, tried to kiss her, and then picked up a piece of concrete and threatened to kill her.

Pickett is then accused of breaking into an RV on the property. A man who lives in the RV tried to confront him, but Pickett picked up a brick and threw it at him, the victim said.

When deputies arrived, they say Pickett tried to run. They caught him in the bed of a truck.

Deputies say Pickett had a backpack that contained his wallet and ID, a martial arts throwing star, handgun ammunition, and a bag of synthetic marijuana, also known as spice.

After Pickett was in custody, deputies responded to a third location on West Blount Street at 11:59 a.m.

A man told deputies he saw Pickett earlier in the day rip his neighbor’s mailbox out of the ground. Another witness said he saw Pickett break through the front door. A woman who lives there was at work at the time of the burglary but later came home and found her TV broken. The woman said nothing was stolen.

Jail records show Pickett lists the home on North R Street as his home address. However, the arrest report lists Pickett as homeless.

Pickett has a criminal history that includes convictions on robbery and battery charges.”

(SOURCE: News Channel 5)