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An unidentified man broke into a Chollas View bank on Wednesday morning, so he could heat up his Hot Pocket.

And when the news interviewed the suspect as he was being arrested, dude told em’ “f**k yeah it was worth it. For a Hot Pocket, hell yeah.”

According to ABC 10 News, “at around 3:30 a.m., San Diego police were dispatched to the Wells Fargo bank branch on 346 Euclid Ave. after a burglar alarm had gone off.

Responding officers arrived to find a broken window near the bank’s drive-thru.

The alarm company told police that surveillance cameras inside the branch captured a man inside a break room and using the microwave.

After about an hour, officers broke through the front doors and located the man inside.

As officers took him outside and arrested him, the man told 10News’ Breaking News Tracker that he entered the bank just so he can microwave his Hot Pockets.”

(SOURCE: ABC 10 News)