Video out of East Grand Rapids, Michigan shows an elderly woman confronting peaceful protestors with a bat last week.

It happened last Wednesday, as peaceful protestors marched in the streets of East Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Karla Anderson, a 75-year-old resident of East Grand Rapids, was filmed confronting protestors with a baseball bat.

According to WOOD 8 TV, “the demonstrators started in downtown Grand Rapids late Wednesday afternoon and were walking east on Wealthy Street east of Plymouth Avenue when they encountered Anderson around 8:15 pm. She was standing in the middle of the road holding a baseball bat.

‘Leave her alone. Leave her alone,’ shouted a protestor, video posted online shows.

As one marcher tried to take the bat away from Anderson, another demonstrator put his arms around her to try to diffuse any potential confrontation. The encounter lasted less than a minute and ended without injury.

After most of the march moved on, a couple individual protestors continued a tense conversation with Anderson.”

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