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Yesterday I brought you the story of a shirtless man wrasslin a gator on the side of Daniel’s Parkway yesterday.

Well today we’ve got an update: the shirtless Florida Man wasn’t trying to wrestling the gator, he was trying to save it. Using a bike tire and rope…

Stephen Guida, a Southwest Florida resident, filmed the unidentified man trying to use a bike tire tied to a rope, in an attempt to lure a gator out of a drainage ditch.

Stephen claims the unidentified man, also named Stephen, told him that he raised the gator since it was a baby, and was using the bike tire and rope to clear a path for fish to enter the sewer so the gator could eat.

According to NBC 2 News, here’s how the situation went down: “a concerned citizen called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office to alert authorities to a white man who was wrestling with an alligator in a ditch along Daniels Parkway, according to an incident report.

When Deputy Quijano arrived at the scene, he talked to a shirtless white male in a dried canal bank. The deputy didn’t see an alligator in the area.

The shirtless man said that there was an alligator in the sewer with multiple small babies and that he was trying to help them, the report said.


The man was removing some of the mud in the sewer to let more fish move through and make it to the alligators, according to the report.

After a few questions, the deputy determined that the man’s only intention was to help local wildlife.

When the deputy went to talk to the caller, they denied seeing the man wrestle or touch the alligator. The caller also said that he wasn’t sure where the call taker would’ve gotten that information from, the report said.

The deputy told the shirtless man to call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission if he ever thought local wildlife was in danger.

No arrests were made and the identity of the shirtless man hasn’t been released by LCSO.”

(SOURCE: NBC 2 News)