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After watching Tiger King, I learned not to stick my arm in a tiger enclosure after seeing what happened to that one caretaker after losing her arm.

Well, the same thing happened in Naples at the Naples Zoo last Wednesday. Only this time, it happened to a cleaner that wasn’t supposed to be anywhere near the enclosure but somehow had his arm almost bitten off after sticking his arm in the cage.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the scene and was forced to shoot the tiger named “Eko”. Unfortunately, Eko was killed by the gunshot.

The cleaner had no permission to go anywhere near the tiger enclosure and was only permitted to clean the gift shop and the bathrooms.

The cleaner was taken to  Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers for serious injuries.

Tiger Incident 12/29/21

The Collier County Sheriff's Office is releasing body-camera video and working with state and federal prosecutors to investigate a serious encounter a...


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