Stan and Haney

Afternoons 2pm-6pm

A group of artists known as the “Highwaymen” are being honored by getting their very own specialty license plate in the state of Florida.

The Highwaymen was a group of African American artists that sold their art roadside in the Fort Pierce area during the ’60s and ’70s. Their art mainly consisted of the landscapes of Florida.

Former State Representative Delores Hogan Johnson pushed the bill through legislation. But now there have to be at least 3,000 presale vouchers by October of 2022 in order to be made by the state.

The fees from these plates will go towards local art programs and creating the Highwaymen Museum and African-American Cultural Center in Fort Pierce.



Junior is the producer of the Stan and Haney show. He is also a music producer and audio engineer. He was born in Sioux City, Ia, but has lived down in Southwest Florida since a young age.