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We talk A LOT about criminals and some of the dumb things they get up to on the Dave and Chuck the Freak Show.

Sometimes, those criminals have a mug shot taken that needs to be memorialized and ridiculed. This post is all about the greatest mug shots we can find. Today, we’ll meet a Florida woman in lots of trouble.

Viral Mug Shots

Since the 1800s, mug shots have been creating infamous looks. We’ve seen famous mug shots of movie stars, athletes, influencers, normal citizens, not-so-normal citizens, and every where in between. No one is immune from having their mug shot taken. Similarly, no one is immune from having their mug shot go viral.

These mug shots will end up going viral for a number of reasons. First, it could be the story behind the arrest. If you do some digging you can find some wild, unbelievable stories. It’s truly amazing what people think they can do and what they think they can get away with. Or, it could go viral for the face they’re making in the picture. Maybe, they’re smiling. Perhaps, they’ve been overserved. Could be a crazy face tattoo, as well. There are no shortage of reasons why a mug shot could go viral.

Florida Woman Arrested For What?

Today, we’ll meet a Florida Woman who was arrested for, well, several things as you’ll soon find out. Suffice to say, if you’re going to take something that isn’t yours…you should not do any illegal activities in that car. Especially to your own mother.

We’ll also introduce you to the Florida Man who accomplished the rare feat of reaching a new milestone number of arrests. Honestly, I don’t know how he has time for all of them. I struggle to get one simple task done, but he’s seemingly multi-tasking while committing crimes. Truthfully, I don’t know if I should be mad or impressed, at that point.

Then, there’s also the young Doogie Houser, M.D. in the making. A 12-year old doctor? How could you be 12 years old with a medical degree? Don’t they take, like, 8 years of schooling to obtain? Ohhh, he didn’t? That makes much more sense. I get it now.

Well, let’s get to it! Check out all these mug shots and more with Dave and Chuck the Freak’s Mug Shot Of The Day!

Mug Shot of the Day

  • Mugshot of the Day - Car Burglar Suspect With "All Gas, No Brakes" Tattoo Captured After High Speed Crash

    A serial car thief suspect with a neck tattoo that reads “All Gas, No Brakes” was just caught after failing to hit the brakes and stop for police without crashing.

    According to this report, police responded to reports of a couple seen attempting to break into a few different cars in a neighborhood around 3AM. When an officer arrived they attempted a traffic stop after seeing the reported couple.

    The car sped off deeper into the subdivision, unbeknownst to the couple fleeing, there was only one way in and one way out of that subdivision.  The couple ended up driving around at high speeds trying to dodge the officers while they found a way out.

    mugshot of Caucasian man, bald with blooded face

    Polk County Sheriff’s Office

    They never found an exit, instead, they crashed into a parked car at a high speed.  Which was captured on neighborhood cameras, you can see the video here.

    Officers easily got the two suspects out of the disabled car and secured them while EMT’s came to assist with injuries. The driver was identified as 37-year-old Timothy Allen Hogue who confessed to many of the burglaries.

    He is facing a TON of charges.  The woman involved is still in the hospital recovering from injuries and her charges are pending.

  • Mugshot of the Day - A Guy in a Banana Costume Was Arrested After Whipping Out His Banana

    Halloween crime:  A 20-year-old guy in Florida got arrested for public urination while dressed as a banana.  The dumb part is he was right across the street from a row of porta-potties.

    The banana man was identified as Kyle Mortimer, when approached by officers for peeing on the sidewalk he attempted to flee officers.  He was using a zig-zag method to try to avoid capture until one officer grabbed him and another used a leg sweep to take him down.

    mugshot of man in banana costume

    Key West Police Department

    After cops caught him, they walked him to nearby City Hall. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

  • Mugshot of the Day - Florida Woman Steals Moms Car Then Runs Her Over

    A 25-year-old Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly had beat up her own mother up after an argument and ran her over after stealing her car.

    According to reports, Amber Scheuren-Rusnak allegedly got into a heated argument with her mother. No word on what the fight was about or what witnesses had seen. When police responded to the call Scheuren-Rusnak had already left the residence and beat up her mother.

    Scheuren-Rusnak stole her mothers car then hit her with it before fleeing the scene. Police found her mother in rough shape and was rushed to the hospital in critical but stable condition.

    Mughsot of a crazy looking woman that ran her mother over

    Brevard County Sheriff’s Office

    She must not have felt that bad about it. She took her mugshot picture grinning widely after she was booked on charges of aggravated battery and carjacking for the rampage.

  • Mugshot of the Day: Florida Man Sets Bar High…Notching 30th Felony

    Life is better when you have goals to aspire towards. For 52-year-old Wendell Doyle Goney, of Ocala, Florida, that goal appears to be racking up felonies. Most recently, Goney was arrested after he “shot down a drone a sheriff’s office was using at a crime scene.”

    mugshot of older Caucasian man.

    (Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office)

    After taking a plea deal on a charge of possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, Goney was able to break that magical 30-felony mark.
    There’s no word on any possible celebrations around Ocala to commemorate Goney’s achievement. You can see a lot of his past mugshots here.

  • Mugshot of the Day - Woman Arrested After Driving 2 Hours To Shoot Her Estranged Husband In Bed

    Prescott police arrested a woman that drove two hours to shoot her estranged husband in his bed, all because she did NOT want to get a divorce.

    The woman must not have been a great shot cause the man, who is 80 years old, was shot in the wrist.  According to reports, when officers arrived the woman told them she had arrived at around midnight.  Then entered the residence and shot the man.  Not sure what the logic behind this move is, but she claimed she did it because she didn’t want a divorce any more.

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASE LEADS TO ARREST FOR ATTEMPTED HOMICIDEOn September 20, 2023, at just after midnight, the...

    Posted by Prescott Police Department on Thursday, September 21, 2023

    The man said the two argued and he said he still wants the divorce and that’s when she shot him. There was a small struggle and the man pushed her down and got the gun away before going to the neighbors to call 911.

    The man was rushed to the hospital before being airlifted to Phoenix for medical treatment. Our guess is that the marriage is prob still over.


  • Darksided Mugshot of the Day - Man With Terrifying Mugshot Arrested For Murder

    Now this mugshot of the day will be skimpy on details but heavy on the scary-looking mugshot.

    According to a report, Las Vegas police arrested a man in connection to a murder of a woman. 50-year-old, James Gina III, was arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend at their residence earlier this week. 

    SWAT as well as uniformed officers responded to the house and located Gina. Officers were able to establish the two as being a couple.  Gina was booked for murder involving a deadly weapon. His mugshot is below.

    mugshot of man with devil horns tattooed on head as well as other scary face tats

    Las Vegas Police Department

    The dark-rim glasses around the eyes where a nice touch don’t you think?


  • Mugshot of the Day - A Teenager Who Looks Like He Was 12, Was Caught Impersonating a Doctor

    A teenager named Zachry Bailey has been arrested again. In the past, Bailey has been in trouble for posing as a doctor and a cop…which is pretty crazy cause he looks so young.

    According to reports, this time Bailey is in trouble for defrauding a car dealership in Oklahoma out of thousands of dollars. Bailey was pulling some sort of a scam that involves him selling an almost paid-off vehicle to the dealership, but the vehicles had been paid down with a fraudulent money transfer.


    Zachry Bailey Mugshot

    Caddo County Sheriff’s Office

    Bailey did this a number of times before getting caught. In addition to being in trouble for posing as a doctor and police officer, he is also in trouble for stealing jewelry from Walmart.

  • Mugshot of the Day - Road Rage Altercation Leads To A Spray Paint Fight At Stop Light

    According to reports, in Texas, a road rage incident escalated to the point that someone felt the need to whip out the spray paint. 35-year-old David Winston was arrested on one count of felony criminal mischief as a result.

    Deputies were responding to a complaint of a man “distracted by his phone and failing to maintain a single lane.”

    When a red light turned green, the distracted driver didn’t get a move on, which resulted in the inevitable laying on of the horn by the complaining driver.  This reportedly “set off” Winston, who “began to throw objects” at the honking driver while both small trucks were in motion.

    When both trucks stopped, the “altercation” started. Allegedly, Winston then used a can of paint to spray the honker’s face and truck, and break their back window. The spray-painted honker reportedly fired back with some paint of their own, painting Winston’s face white as payback.

    CONSTABLES ARREST SUSPECT FOR CRIMINAL MISCHIEFOn August 4, 2023, deputies with Constable Mark Herman's Office...

    Posted by Mark Herman, Harris County Constable Precinct 4 on Saturday, August 5, 2023

    It’s not clear if both drivers had a can of white spray paint on them, or if the same can was used for both paint jobs

  • Mugshot of the Day - Teen Arrested After Smashing Window Of Cape Coral Gun Store

    The Cape Coral police department has arrested a teen in connection with an attempt to rob a gun store.

    Wednesday morning someone smashed a hole into the window of the Cape Guns with a mallet. It only caused a hole, and they did not successfully get into the store.

    Police arrived on scene in minutes and were able to track down a KIA that was seen leaving the area at high speeds. The car was seen driving in the wrong lanes of traffic.

    Lee County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit helped to locate the suspect who was found along a canal bank. The driver was identified as 14-year-old Micah J. Abernethy.  Who also allegedly is the person responsible for smashing the window.

    This is the mugshot of the day post so let’s see why Micah made the list!

    mugshot of young man with a large head of hair

    Lee County Sheriff’s Office

    Look at that beautiful head of hair! When arrested Abernethy had burglary tools in possession. A hammer, gloves, ski mask, and a screwdriver were all found.

    To add to the charges, the Kia used to escape the crime was also stolen. Abernethy claims he did it cause he saw how easy it was to steal the Kia model online.

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