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A 35-Ton Bus Crosses a Bridge with a 10-Ton Limit

Somebody posted video of a 35-ton bus crossing a bridge that has a 10-ton weight limit . . . and it's scary.  You see the bridge sag at several different places when the bus passes over. It made it safely to the other side, but it really looked a disaster in the making.  After the…

Monkeys Choose the Wrong Place and Time!

A woman was hanging out in a forest in Bali, Indonesia when a pair monkeys sat on her lap and made the situation extremely uncomfortable.   Monkeys Choose The Wrong Place and Time! || ViralHog Occurred on August 20, 2018 / Sangeh Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia "I did not like this interaction at all!" Contact…

Is This Cop About to Be Attacked By a Giant Spider?

This is a great optical illusion.  It's video of a cop on a traffic stop, and he's talking to the driver he just pulled over.  There's also a giant spider on the other side of the road, and it starts creeping across the street like it's going to attack him.