In a video that has gone viral on social media, a Florida man was seen sitting chest-deep in the water hand-feeding an alligator a sandwich. Yes, you heard that right, a sandwich! And not just any sandwich, but a sandwich that this guy must have believed was worthy of sharing with a wild predator.

The clip from Fox 35 Orlando, shows the man sporting a white hat and a woman in a red shirt sitting in the water like they’re having a casual picnic with a man-eating reptile. As the alligator swims closer, the guy waves a piece of bread as if he’s summoning a lost puppy. And lo and behold, the alligator swims up and takes the bread from his hand like they’re old pals catching up after years of being apart.

But the man’s generosity doesn’t stop there! He then drops the sandwich in the gator’s mouth! He even gives it a little pat under the mouth as if it’s a loyal pet. Is it just me or does this guy need a reality check? I mean, it’s an ALLIGATOR, not a cute little puppy!

Florida Man:

To make matters worse, the man then appears to toss another piece of food at the gator! It’s as if he wants to keep it coming back for more. I’m no wildlife expert, but I’m pretty sure this is NOT how you treat a wild predator.

And just in case you thought this was all just a harmless joke, let me remind you that feeding wild alligators is illegal in Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife have made it clear that feeding alligators can lead to dangerous situations for both yourself and others in the future.

Alligator mating season is fast approaching, and if this man thinks he can just hand out sandwiches to any alligator he meets, he’s in for a surprise. Maybe it’s time for him to stick to feeding pigeons in the park and leave the alligators to their natural instincts.

Florida, you never cease to amaze us!

Everglades Gone Wild: 18 Foot Python Eats 5 Foot Alligator

It’s bad enough all the pythons that are wrecking the ecosystem of the Everglades. Also, they’re spreading out. During a hunt just 3 weeks ago a 14 foot python was captured in Naples.

Many of the snakes being captured seem to be getting larger. Case in point. This 18 foot python was captured with a fully intact 5 foot alligator inside of it. I image he was moving pretty slow after such a large meal and was easy to capture. By the looks of the video it seems that the alligator hasn’t been digested at all. Geoscientist Rosie Moore described the video on her Instagram “This particular Python was roughly 18 ft, and had consumed a 5ft alligator. ” She goes on to explain why the pythons are such a threat “Due to the the subtropical environment of South Florida, paired with the Burmese pythons long life span and rapid reproduction, these snakes have successfully invaded ecologically sensitive areas such as Everglades National Park. This poses a threat to a variety of wildlife, due to the pythons wide dietary preferences.”

Obviously this python definitely does not belong in the Everglades. Kudos to those who captured and euthanized it. No other animal in the swamp stands a change against one of these monsters.

No one’s completely certain how the python was introduced in the Everglades. And now it seems they’re getting larger. And hungrier.

I don’t know her, but Rosie Moore looks to be a total badass. Here’s some more from her Instagram:



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