American’s Dream Christmas Destinations in Europe are almost all wintery wonderlands. Google Ads data is the determining factor for these travel insights.

Spoiler alert. This list puts Iceland on top. By the way the study is by Iceland’s leading travel and tour management company. However, the data doesn’t lie. In addition, Iceland is pretty awesome. Iceland is the most searched-for destination in every state, with one exception. Folks in West Virginia seem to be more interested in Germany.

iceland dream destination

Visitors sit in the geothermal waters at the Blue Lagoon. It’s close to the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik and is one of the most visited sites.

How does dream Christmas destinations research work

The study considered the average monthly search volume for vacation-related search terms across each state. But only for the top 25 coldest destinations in Europe. The “coldest” rankings come from checking out the average temperatures of European countries in December.

Across the United States, Americans search for words associated with Iceland vacations a total average of 69,420 times per month. This places the Nordic Island firmly in the top spot. Additionally, Americans search for the phrase ‘Iceland flights’ an average of 24,460 times a month. The search for ‘Iceland vacations” was also super popular.

A spokesperson from says, “Whether you are interested in festive Christmas markets, European cultural traditions, or snow-covered landscapes, Europe is the ultimate destination to visit around Christmas time.”

This study offers an interesting insight into the countries that Americans want to travel to this Christmas. Iceland takes the crown for many reasons. The country is know for picturesque landscapes and scenery. In addition, there are breathtaking landmarks such as the Blue Lagoon. People travel from around the world to see the famous  Northern Lights in Iceland.

When it comes to American’s dream Christmas destinations, here are the top five

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