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Effortless Entertaining: 7 Must-Have Items for Your Hosting Toolbox

If you like to begin a new year by cleaning out the old and organizing the new, make sure that you give your entertaining toolbox a refresh, as well. This year, set yourself up for effortless entertaining with the best gadgets and accessories for versatile gatherings. Having these 7 things on hand will make every celebration memorable for both you and your guests! Cordless Vacuum Prepping your space pre-party is a big job, but keeping things clean and orderly while you wait for the guests to arrive can be downright impossible. For those final clean-ups right before party time, consider investing in a powerful cordless vacuum. Easy to hide away within quick reach, cordless vacuums make tending to the occasional spill during the party effortless, as well. This Dyson version is a best-seller and can run long enough to do a quick last-minute clean of your whole house. Smartphone Speaker Some curated background music always improves most home parties. These days, though, most of us connect to music through our devices, and it isn’t ideal to have 20 people huddled around your phone all evening. Smart speakers to the rescue! Many kinds are available, from simple amplification stands and Bluetooth versions to those that create an entire home sound system. If you don’t like the look of traditional speakers, try this one that will fit seamlessly into any décor. App-Connected Food Thermometer One of the downsides to entertaining can be getting stuck in the kitchen with food prep while your guests are elsewhere having fun. A digital app-connected food thermometer can free you up to join the rest of the party while your food cooks (or grills outside!) without your watchful eye. Various models connect via Bluetooth or even WiFi and can display the current temperature on an app. Set your desired cooking time and/or temp, and the app will alert you when it’s time to eat! The iGrill2 model is a popular version and can work with up to four different probes. [caption id="attachment_336550" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Photo by MaraZe/Shutterstock[/caption] Cheese Board No party is complete without yummy appetizers or gameplay snacks to pass around. Having a versatile cheese board that doubles as a food tray and décor will make your entertaining on-point. Select a board that shows off your style! Last-minute soirées can always look polished if you serve those boxed crackers on a fancy tray. As a clever variation on traditional boards, try this compact swivel model that can accommodate all party sizes with ease. Countertop Herb Garden Food seems fancier with fresh herbs on top, doesn’t it? To ensure that you always have herbs ready to sprinkle on top of your appetizers and entrées, invest in a countertop herb garden this year. Ideal for any climate, many of these gardens come with LED lights for optimal growing conditions and self-watering features. Try this version that’s sleek and comes with starter pods so you can get growing right away and impress your guests with your culinary prowess. Instant Print Camera Part of the fun of entertaining is looking back through the memories and recalling all the spontaneous joy of parties past. This year, make it easier for your guests to capture these moments with an instant print camera - your friends and family will have a great time playing photographer, and you’ll be left with memories ready to frame as part of your décor. As a fun nod to the original instant-print camera, try this Polaroid Snap version. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Fun and games are integral to a great event, and nothing beats some after-dinner karaoke! Your guests will feel like professionals with a Bluetooth microphone that can both play the music and amplify the singing. Most versions will connect to various devices and play whatever songs you choose (either through a karaoke app, your music library, YouTube, etc.) This rose gold model is popular and will dazzle guests as décor even before the singing starts. Grab these must-have gadgets today for all of your entertaining needs in the new year!