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Travis Pastrana in a 862HP Subaru Wagon Raced A Fighter Jet On The Seven Mile Bridge In The Florida Keys

Travis Pastrana can do things with a car that you and I could only dream of. Fortunately for us, he likes to come to Florida for some of his stunts. Back in July, Travis came down to the Florida Keys and jumped the span of the Boot Key Drawbridge in Marathon. To make it more interesting, there was a helicopter hovering in the span. It was pretty insane stunt, but it turns out that Travis and his 862 horse power Subaru Wagon spent a LOT more time in Florida. His Hoonigan Youtube channel just dropped a video of a LOT of stunts done in Florida. The latest Travis Pastrana video is edited to look like it was all done at once but this must have taken months of planning. Have a look and test your Florida knowledge. Can you name where the stunts are taking place? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXzPkkQirnM   The first part is kind of easy. We recognized the hospital in Fort Lauderdale. The police cars confirmed it. We also saw him tearing up parts of Fiesta Way in Lauderdale. Up next, we spot him in Tavernier, just south of Key Largo on 1. Cut to what looks to be the Seven Mile Bridge, where he flies alongside the fighter jet at 160 mph. I'm not sure exactly where the first jump is, but I know the second is in Marathon. After that I'm not entirely sure but that may be an unused airstrip near the Marathon airport. Maybe one of the old drug smuggling airstrips. Finally, he jumps in the helicopter and aside from some random other stuff, the video is over. What an absolutely insane ride. Best I can tell, the video was done over the summer, early fall. I know the Marathon drawbridge jump was on July 11th. Here's the news report from the day he did that jump: [select-listicle listicle_id="268408" syndication_name="he-did-it-travis-pastrana-jumped-the-boot-key-drawbridge-over-a-helicopter-in-marathon-florida" description="yes"]

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