Dave & Chuck the Freak
Catchphrase Glossary:






It’s Friday Bitches: Dave is basically the whitest guy ever and trying to become more hip, he got so excited it was about to be the weekend he declared “It’s Friday Bitches”. It just caught on from there and now has its own anthem we play on the show to kick off the weekend!

How’s She Goin’ Eh?: A tribute to our Canadian listeners!

Lifeless Eyes: Andy and Chuck wouldn’t shut up about Jaws one day and that’s a famous line said by Quint in the movie that has caught on as a greeting.

Tell that Bitch to be Cool: A discussion about Pulp Fiction led to Andy blurting this out and it took off after that.

The Legion: This is a term we use to describe someone who has been very sexually active as in “That lady has had a legion of dongs in her”.

Boca Raton: This is our take on the Hebrew greeting Boker Tov!

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