Manowar Guitarist Arrested For Child Pornography

Manowar's Karl Logan is currently in a ton of trouble, having been arrested in North Carolina for possessing child pornography. The 53-year-old guitarist was picked up in August on a warrant issued by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office and charged with six counts of third-degree exploitation of a minor. Logan, who joined up in 1994, is out on bail thanks…

Zito And Garrett The Pilecast: Episode 2

  Episode 2 features an in studio appearance from superstar comedian Kevin Hart during his meteoric rise to stardom.  A call to fellow comedian and ZnG pal Rich Vos, doesn't go as well as planned, as Kevin gets "trashed" by Vos unexpectedly.  Plus the classic bit "Bob Garrett Calls In Sick". Download

Ed Sheeran is a big fan of Korn and Marilyn Manson

Who knew Ed Sheeran was a secret metalhead? The British singer is famous for his sensitive, lovey-dovey ballads, but he was recently spotted backstage hanging out with members of Korn. Sheeran, who was there for a Marilyn Manson concert, and snapped a selfie with Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch and told him he'd listened to…