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RobbCast - Weird Wood

On today's RobbCast: A WWE superstar admitted to getting an erection during a wrasslin' match. So we took your calls on Weird Wood: where and when have you gotten an inappropriate erection. Some answers include: algebra class; a doctors appointment and one caller got hard at his own father's funeral!

RobbCast - Advice in four words or less

On today's RobbCast we played a social media game gone viral, on the radio: Advice in four words or less. What wisdom did the 96k-Rock listening audience want to impart to others? Well, we learned: there's two Fallopian tubes; you should always use lube; and we come up with a new radio promotion: Group Vasectomies!

RobbCast: Chip the Sword Swinging Cincinnati Transient faces eviction

On today's RobbCast: Our homeless Executive Producer, Chip, known as the Sword Swinging Cincinnati Transient, is facing eviction. Chip needs $135.00 or else he will be evicted from the storage unit in which he resides. Can the 96k-Rock listening audience help raise enough to keep a roof over Chip's head? Tune in to find out.

RobbCast - Jesse Schworck, founder of the Lion Of Judah House Of Rastafari

On today's RobbCast: Jesse Schworck, founder of the Lion of Judah House of Rastafari.  Jesse and his house of worship are under fire and making national headlines after the church was raided last week because members of the church were doling out sacrament in exchange for donations. Problem is, that sacrament is marijuana. Jesse joined…

05-29-2019 - RobbCast - Dr. Matt Sturbator talks Jelqing (PRODUCED)

On today's RobbCast: Dr. Matt Sturbator from Major Lee Gae Hospital called in to talk "jelqing," a process of stretching a man's penis in order to increase it's length. Find out if "jelqing" actually works, if Dr. Sturbator would recommend it to his patients, and we get an on-air demonstration by the doc himself!

RobbCast - Meat Swallowing Slut

On today's RobbCast: A drunk, belligerent, bitch of a woman calls in to plug her appearance at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest.  The conversation takes a turn when the woman uses potty language, which leads to a fight between her; her husband; a random caller and Rob, all on one party line!