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Urine Therapy Meetup

A group of weirdos in Boulder meet once a month for a unique meeting: Urine Therapy Meetup. Check out this newscast from 9 News in Colorado covering the meeting.

Road Rage Fight!

A video making the rounds on social media shows a confrontation on a Southern California freeway, where a Latino family, who is called racist slurs, beats the crap out of an ignorant, racist family!

RobbCast - Advice in four words or less

On today's RobbCast we played a social media game gone viral, on the radio: Advice in four words or less. What wisdom did the 96k-Rock listening audience want to impart to others? Well, we learned: there's two Fallopian tubes; you should always use lube; and we come up with a new radio promotion: Group Vasectomies!