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(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

If you use Uber, you may at some point have left something behind, and you’re not alone as the company has just released a list of things passengers have left in cars and some things that made the list are quite bizarre to say the least.

Uber’s 2022 Lost and Found Index is based on what passengers have reported they’ve left behind. Some things on the list make sense like phones, wallets, keys, vapes and other common things that would be in your pocket. But then there’s other things that make you wonder why passengers had these things with them in the first place.


10 Bizarre Items Left Behind in an Uber, According to the 2022 Lost & Found Index:


  • 1. Grandma's Teeth

  • 2. Ball Gag and Stethoscope

  • 3. Brown Tortoise

  • 4. A Bucket of Slime

  • 5. Antique Walking Cane with a Sword

  • 6. Metal Leg

  • 7. Bernie Sanders Fannie Pack

  • 8. 40 Chicken Nuggets

  • 9. 6 Pool Drains & an Employee of the Month Plaque

  • 10. A Crochet Strawberry