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This is everything I expect from a Waffle House video. And seeing it come from Orlando means it’s some Flo Grown Florida Woman goodness. On one hand, I’m a little sad she didn’t get the whole event on video. We just got the end result. But it’s good. There’s so much to unpack with this video, but a personal note first. Corporate sent me a link of ‘journalistic ethics’ that I’m supposed to follow. Right. Ain’t nothing in that guide that can prepare me for a Waffle House video.

So let’s begin with ‘why is she upside down?’ Best I can figure is that she didn’t go easy. Waffle House night shift employees got hands. She’s lucky she’s still conscious. Scattered, covered and smothered right out the door. Next up – no shoes. Easy, she’s a Florida woman so there’s only a 50/50 chance she was wearing shoes when she got there.

The real question is, when are folks gonna learn to stop trying these Waffle House employees?! That night shift stay ready for any and all smoke. It seems to be part of their training. I think we covered this in an earlier video. So what’s the full story? Fortunately for us, @queenofthethots69 did a follow up video to narrate the whole adventure. It’s pretty amazing. I can picture the whole thing in my mind while it goes down.

  • She’s one of America’s greatest storytellers.


    Replying to @jugbandjubilee here’s the context y’all are asking for. she had what was coming to her, hopefully she learned her lesson. DONT PUT HANDS ON PEOPLE, especially Waffle House employees. Also no he did not throw her on the ground, he set her down on her feet outside.

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  • Normally we get fight videos like this. Also, here's that training video I knew we had somewhere

    Yet Another Fight Breaks Out At A Waffle House And Twitter Got Jokes

    Remember once upon a time when a fight would break out at a Waffle House and everyone would freak out and there’d be police and news coverage? Now it’s just expected. You go to Waffle House enough and you’re going to see something. I’m not even sure where this fight happened but there’s a lot going on to take in. The main part is that I’m seeing that knowing how to fight is a requirement if you’re going to work nights at Waffle House. Watch this dude square up, it’s not his first time. His backup came around the corner with a skillet. But the best part? Twitter got jokes.