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Vintage view of old abandoned white house

As Halloween approaches, there aren’t many of us who have even seen house decorated with the scenes and sounds of the spookiest holiday of the year. But what about the real haunted Florida?

But that won’t stop us from telling you about the most scariest and haunted places Florida has to offer.

Producer John is from Massachusetts, where stories throughout Massachusetts history depicts that even the assumption of being a witch meant death, and that was carried out in many ways, allegedly leaving entire towns haunted with ghosts and spirits for hundreds of years, as stories go.

Florida has it’s share of haunted places and here is a list of nine of them. If you’re looking for one that just a short drive, the Koreshan Park is in Estero. That place has a super creepy backstory. The residents thought we lived in the center of the earth. Moving from Chicago to Estero, it probably felt like that with the summer heat. And it’d be no wonder if tormented spirits roamed the ground. Those nutty Koreshans lived in a swamp in the days before air conditioning. Just being without ac for a week after the hurricane was bad enough. These people chose it.