Living in Southwest Florida, you’re never too far from the water. But I’m not talking about going to the beach, I’m talking about the water. I’m talking about boating. And I find myself in the position that many of us struggle with. I live a mile from the coast and I can’t afford a boat. That’s why it’s important to have Friends With Boats.

I’ll admit, it’d be nice to have a boat of my own. Maybe even something small. Cruising the bay with my girl and my dog, waving to all the other boats. But there’s also reality. And it’s not about the work. I’d have no problem loading a boat on a trailer, cleaning and rinsing, bringing it back to storage. It’s not the work.

I have a nice house with a pool that cost a lot. Even if I bought a boat, it’s the maintenance, storage, the FUEL and all of the other expenses that would crush me. Even renting a boat from someplace like Port 32 in Naples is gonna be hundreds of dollars for the day. So keep that in mind when someone invites you to a day on the water. Boating is expensive. That’s why Friends With Boats is so important.

So as a long time “boat guest”, what are some of the things you need to do to get invited back? There’s actually a few things I do, but it all starts with this: