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At first I thought no way could be this be true, but yes, a very real event from back in 2018 featuring an armless Florida man who stabbed a tourist with his feet is going viral again.

Cesar Coronado was down here from Chicago a few years back for a nice vacation in Miami. According to NBC6, he asked Jonathan Dale Crenshaw for directions when the man attacked him out of nowhere, stabbing him in the arm before he took off.

The interesting thing here is, Crenshaw has no arms. His side of the story to police is that he was laying down when Cesar came up to him and punched him in the head, so Crenshaw pulled some scissors out of his suitcase with his feet and stabbed him in self defense.

Why is this armless Florida man going viral again?

This week, Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports posted a video about it on TikTok that has more than 12 million views. He then put the video on Twitter.

  • The story here is that in early 2020, Portnoy was doing a pizza review outside Blocks Pizza Deli in South Beach for his “One Bite Pizza Reviews” YouTube series when Crenshaw came up to him while filming.

  • We know you can’t put anything past the Florida man, but I’m still trying to picture how that whole stabbing with his feet incident went down. Ahhh Florida, you never disappoint.