Rock News

If Paul McCartney retired from music after the Beatles broke up, no one would blame him. How do you follow up nearly a decade of being in a band that changed music, changed culture, and maybe changed the world?

But McCartney clearly had a lot of fuel left in the tank. In the decades since, he’s been a formidable force in music: he dominated radio in the ’70s with Wings, he was ubiquitous on MTV in the early days of the cable channel and has collaborated with Kanye West and Rihanna, the surviving members of Nirvana, Diana Krall, David Gilmour, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello, among others. He’s delivered classic theme songs for Cameron Crowe and James Bond, and besides recording scores of rock and pop albums, he’s also composed classical music and done experimental electronic music under the name The Fireman.

On December 18, he’s releasing McCartney III. Like 1970’s McCartney and 1980’s McCartney II, it was recorded entirely by McCartney — this was his “quarantine album.” Given that some of his recent songs (“Home Tonight,” “Fuh You,” “New”) made this list, we’re sure we’re going to have to update this one pretty soon.