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Stan and Haney

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Hairy Bagpipes Download

02:31:39 Download November 20th

A classic bit with a woman who faced revenge from neighbors because she kept feeding ducks, the guys discuss an incident that happened to Junior the previous night, Grab Bag, Local Beat, Roger’s Entertainment Corner, the guys (and a coin) make their weekly NFL picks, News Headlines, Fluffer, your emails, a classic Haney bit, News, Cover Songs Week concludes, classic standup comedy, and more…

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Full Brazilian

02:31:21 Download November 28th

Fishy Biscuits

02:24:41 Download November 27th

Bridgin’ Da Gap

02:27:06 Download November 22nd

Too Many Pills

02:27:23 Download November 21st

Family Band

02:29:42 Download November 17th

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