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#1113 Ontario Man Calls Police Because He Was Stuck In Traffic and Had To Pee Download

13:54 Download October 25th, 2021

A fireball from a meteor in Canada hit a woman’s house, landing next to her head… A dog puked up a vibrator at the vet, included with attachments… A woman got mad at a store when a song was played she didn’t like, causing police to be called… A man died after he hit people on a sidewalk with his truck and was pulled out of his truck and beaten to death… A police force in Ontario released 911 audio of a man saying he had to pee in traffic… A performer in Moscow was killed after an accident on stage during an opera; he was crushed by a ramp during a scene change… A pastor is in jail after he tried to kill two deputies with his car… Wildlife officials in Colorado say an Elk with a car tire around its neck has finally been freed of the burden… A 66 year old in England stabbed her husband, saying she aimed for the heart but he didn’t have one… After hearing reports of baby cries in a container, Netherlands police discovered it was actually Bluetooth speakers…

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