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Young Woman On Tik Tok Was Sent Home From Work Over Her 'Distracting' Outfit

I get it. We’re supposed to dress professional when we come to work. But HR has the final say on what’s nice, and what’s a distracting outfit. I can’t remember ever seeing someone sent home from work to change. But apparently, it’s happened to this woman. Twice.

You may have seen a video circulating around Tik Tok of a woman in a black dress. This is the story. But it’s not the first time it happened. “Katie”, who posts on TikTok under username @notmariedee showed off what she’s wearing in a TikTok and yes, I guess I can see this might be considered distracting. But there’s more to this.

She works for her family’s company. With her Dad, and her Husband. It looks like her job involves social media, but posting videos of herself probably isn’t the job description. Distracting outfit or not. The comments in the video seem mixed.

“U lok beautiful but I do understand your boss. He might be afraid, that there would be some comments to you, and he doesn’t want those situations.”

“Beautiful! May be a little low cut for work though. Love the top! Where from?”

“Make sense. Making me turn my head all the way around us giving me a headache.”

“I see nothing wrong with it”

“U lok beautiful but I do understand your boss. He might be afraid, that there would be some comments to you, and he doesn’t want those situations.”


  • Here's the top that got her sent home

    Before I make a judgement I think I need to know what her job is. Her name tag says “Vendor Director, Social Media”.

  • This is the one I don't agree with

    I’ll grant that the top she was wearing in the other video was a little revealing. But apparently she was sent home again. This time for this dress:


    This is getting ridiculous.

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  • I don't see a problem

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    Woman Creates TikTok Controversy Over ‘Inappropriate’ Thong Swimsuit at Family Water Park Wave Pool

    So a woman who wore a one piece thong swimsuit to a family-friendly water park and is creating quite the stir on Tik Tok! I actually didn’t notice her until I watched the video a seond time. The thing I noticed was  “what’s with all the dudes wearing shirts in a pool?”

    In a viral TikTok clip with well over 4 million views, the woman can be seen sporting a backless thong one-piece bathing suit in the wave pool. Kids and families are right there to view it all. What’s the big deal? Many viewers voiced their opinions such as “In Spain all family beaches , water parks are just like her 😂”. Or “This is something I would wear to work lol ( the club) and no I wouldn’t wear it to a family water park but to each their own I guess”.  And then the real issue here: “is it appropriate to record someone in a bathing suit without them noticing?”

    I think what’s really going on is the women noticing their husbands who are trying to not stare. The guys are thinking “don’t look down, don’t look down” Not gonna lie, that thong swimsuit was a great buy. She looks great. Check out the vid:

    • @kstram83

      Thoughts!! I don’t think its appropriate there’s kids all around her, but she looks great!!🙌🏾 #ReTokforNature #thongbikini #makingconvo

      ♬ gford._ gets no maidens - $avøry-$adisticpai
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