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Florida Man Runs From Cops, Gets DUI…On His Bicycle

I believe the statute of limitations has expired by now, so I'll admit it right here and right now. When I was a kid, I ran from the cops on my dirt bike. My brother and I were crusiing on a back road in Kentucky. He was 15-years-old and I was 12. He was on a Suzuki TS185 and I was on my Suzuki TM125. As we rowed through the gears and felt the clean spring air on our faces, we didn't notice that a deputy in a big blue LTD had crept up on us. You know that sound when a siren is kicked on for just a second or so? It's a quick yelp, followed by a descending, slow trailing off of sound. As soon as the officer did that, you can bet we saw him then. My brother, always the one to do the right thing, immediately pulled his bike over and put the kickstand down. That was just enough time for me to drop a couple of gears and ride a wheelie into the distance. That's when the deputy ordered my brother to leave his bike and hop in the cruiser. My brother "had a little trouble getting off of his bike", which allowed me a few more seconds of getaway time. That's the last time I saw that car behind me. Our driveway was like many in Kentucky, twisting and made of gravel. I slid the bike sideways, busted through some gears toward the house and laid it down next to the garage door. I grabbed the door handle, pulled upward and threw my bike inside. I ran upstairs, throwing off my motocross gear along the way. I wound up in the bathroom, naked and panting. After about 30 seconds, there was a light knock on the locked door. "Sean, he's waiting in the driveway". Dammit. My point is, I Know the feeling of being a misunderstood rebel on the run. Take the case of 28-year-old Clayton Guy Peavey. Police say the man was observed riding his bicycle along U.S. 1 on Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. Deputies say Peavey ignored their commands to get off of the busy road and pedaled faster when they activated their lights and sirens. Once he ran out of steam, the man stopped. He was arrested and charged with DUI and eluding. Peavey remains in the Monroe County Jail on a $7,500 bond. Source: TampaFP.com Hits That Climbed The Charts More Than Once [select-listicle listicle_id="277784" syndication_name="songs-that-got-a-second-life-in-modern-movies-tv-shows" description="yes"] Looking For A House? [select-listicle listicle_id="277346" syndication_name="4-florida-cities-that-you-should-invest-real-estate-in" description="yes"]

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