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Casual Dating

You have no obligation to tell anyone who you are casually dating anything about your life. It is none of their business what you do on the nights you’re not with them. Lie to them, don’t lie to them, it doesn’t matter. You are not exclusive and this is actually why you’re dating- to get to know people and decide if one of them is right for you

And trust me, one will emerge as THE person and you’ll dump the other two, but for now, keep having fun, keep dating and make sure you’re actually not letting anyone think they’re the only one. That would be gaslighting and lying and very uncool


If it comes up be honest, but not specific, “Yeah, I’m dating other people, I assume you are too.”  When casually dating and exploring connections with multiple individuals simultaneously, it is crucial to uphold a sense of honesty and transparency. While the specific obligations may vary depending on individual circumstances and cultural norms, certain principles should guide your approach to disclosure.


First and foremost, it is essential to respect the autonomy and agency of each person involved. This means being clear about your intentions and the nature of the relationship from the beginning. Communicate openly and honestly about your desire to casually date and the fact that you are exploring connections with multiple people. By doing so, you allow others to make informed decisions about their own involvement and level of commitment.


Transparency also involves disclosing pertinent information that might impact the emotional or physical well-being of your partners. If you become sexually intimate with any of them, it is crucial to have an open conversation about sexual health and the importance of practicing safe sex. This includes discussing your own sexual history, any potential risks or concerns, and ensuring that all parties involved are aware and comfortable with the situation.


Moreover, as the dynamics of casual dating can change over time, it is important to regularly check in with your partners and assess their expectations and feelings. While there might not be a specific obligation to disclose every detail of your interactions with other individuals, it is considerate to provide a general sense of where you stand and any significant changes in your dating landscape.


Remember, the key to navigating multiple casual relationships ethically lies in communication, respect, and empathy. Being transparent about your intentions and maintaining open lines of dialogue allows everyone involved to make informed decisions about their own emotional investment and boundaries.

However, it is essential to recognize that cultural norms and individual preferences can influence what is considered appropriate disclosure. It is important to have ongoing conversations with your partners and ensure that everyone feels comfortable and respected throughout the dating process.