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Bite Me

Did you hear the sex hour episode on Cooper and Anthony about Grace and her boyfriend biting her during sex and drawing blood? Dr. Cooper told her that her boyfriend may not be aware that he has a ‘fetish’ – sexual biting is a documented paraphilia. Whether he embraces a kinky identity or not, you need to take pointers from the BDSM culture with regard to the importance of “safe” words. (The actual word is irrelevant, just make sure its something you both agree on).


Sex is about pleasure, but there are lots of people who like to mix a little pain in. For them, Biting can be a strangely pleasurable experience. In the animal world biting, or mouthing, is a social exchange….monkeys apparently bite one another’s fingers as a way of testing trust.

Biting hurts, and that is reason enough to find a way to stop this from happening or put serious limits on it. Most people who like to engage in bite play usually choose a more meaty body part like the butt or shoulder, fingers are painful choices 

I should also point out that doctors are not big fans of biting during sex because Human saliva contains at least 50 species of bacteria, and medical research shows that human bites have higher rates of infection than other injuries. But its a common fantasy which is why we had that rash of vampire movies and TV shows a few years back 


A biting fetish is a form of sexual expression in which individuals derive pleasure from biting or being bitten during sexual activities. Biting can take various forms, including gentle nibbling, playful nipping, or more intense biting that may break the skin and leave marks or bruises. The focus of this fetish is on the sensation of the bite, which can be both pleasurable and painful, and can produce feelings of dominance or submission.

For some individuals, biting may be a part of their sexual identity and may be incorporated into their sexual practices with consenting partners. For others, it may be a fetish that is enjoyed in a specific context, such as during BDSM activities. Biting can also be used as a form of foreplay, increasing arousal and building sexual tension.


Like all fetishes, biting is a personal preference that may be influenced by a variety of factors, including past experiences, culture, and individual psychology. Some people may find the act of biting to be empowering, allowing them to take control of a sexual encounter or to express their dominance or submission. Others may find it to be a way to connect with their partner on a deeper level, allowing them to express intimacy and vulnerability.


However, it is important to note that while biting can be a consensual and pleasurable part of sexual activities, it can also be dangerous if not practiced safely. Biting too hard or in the wrong areas can cause injury, and biting without consent is a form of sexual assault. It is important for individuals to communicate their boundaries and desires with their partners before engaging in any sexual activity, including biting.

Overall, the biting fetish is a complex and varied expression of human sexuality that can be enjoyed in a safe and consensual manner with the right partner and communication. But if biting your body during sex isn’;t for you but your partner is into it, you might want to consider investing in one or two sex accessories that allow him to bite on something other than your skin during sex. We recommend a silicone bite gag, its not a ball gag, it’s more like a dog toy for humans and because its silicone it feels more like flesh.