If you’re not aware, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has a Tik Tok. And Sheriff Carmine Marceno seems to be having a great time with it. He’s making it clear, commit a crime in Lee County and you won’t just go to jail, you’ll be roasted on social media. Like this guy, who apparently didn’t have the ‘safety’ set on his handgun.


If you didn’t recognize the montage, it’s a Mike Myers gag from the Austin Powers movie. The clip is getting rave responses from Tik Tok, including one from the Florida Highway Patrol. I can’t help but feel a little bad for the guy in the video. He just blew off his gear with a handgun and now it’s all over Tik Tok. Imagine getting roasted by the Sheriff Department. As one comment stated “This is why you never point your piece, at your piece”.

I’m not sure who’s running the social media department at the LCSO, but I have met Carmine on many occasions. This is who he is.


Operation: Narco Navidad❄️ The Lee County Sheriffs Office seized over $1.1 million dollars, kilos of cocaine, & a gun. Two thugs will spend their Christmas at the Marceno Motel. #police #leecountysheriffoffice #sheriffcarminemarceno #policeoftiktok #lawandorder #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #deputiesoftiktok #specialoperations

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The Lee County Sheriff’s Office Tik Tok has 461.3K Followers and 6.8M Likes so it’s working.

Expect a lot more content like this from them. And add me to the list of followers. This s*** is too funny. 

Here Are The Best Restaurants In Fort Myers Of 2022

Here Are The Best Restaurants In Fort Myers Of 2022, according to Yelp.

Hungry?  If not, you will be when you’re done reading this.  We promise.

There are so many options when it comes to dining out here in Fort Myers.  No matter what it is you might have a hankering for, you’ll find it in Southwest Florida.  We’re a foodies dream, in a smaller town.  What more could we ask for?

So, with the year winding down (so crazy it’s almost over already), we wanted to know, where are the best places in Fort Myers for a delicious meal?

Since we aren’t experts in the food game, we took to the crew over at Yelp for help with the list, based on user reviews.

From seafood, to breakfast to a great steak or exotic cuisine or maybe a quick burrito or bowl, we’ve got it all covered in the list below, of  the best restaurants in Fort Myers of 2022.  There are plenty of options for a romantic date night, a fun family night out or a quick meal alone.

So, now that all of our mouths are watering and we are dying to know where we should go for dinner tonight, we’ll get to the list.

Bon Appetit!



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