It’s hard enough for some people to do on land, however, these Florida divers carve Halloween pumpkins underwater.

pumpkin carving

Dylan Barbour etches details into a pumpkin. Besides the cameras, a yellowtail snapper swims by to take a peak. Location, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary off Key Largo.

This pumpkin carving event is an annual tradition held in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. It begins with divers sinking 25 feet beneath the surface of the water. Next, they get to show off  artistic, pumpkin carving skills. This kind of carving is not an easy feat.

It all began on Sunday. 18 contestants and their friends and families came together to literally, take a stab at their pumpkins. Both kids and adults competed for both bragging rights and a free dive trip.

One of them, pictured on the left, is 13-year old Dylan Barbour. This was a birthday trip for him. His father’s gift was a trip to the keys to carve Halloween pumpkins underwater.

Participants had to do everything most of us do when taking on a jack-0-lantern, but in the buoyant water. Carving and cleaning gooey guts out of pumpkins is challenging on land, where this some leverage. This is impressive.

underwater pumpkin carving

Miranda Potrie, left, and Emily Beukers carve Halloween pumpkins underwater. Their skill paid off at the Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest.

What Florida divers carved underwater

Some of the creative carvings included a very cool cat and a pirate with an eye patch and a knife between its teeth. Another diver managed a jack-o’-lantern worn as a dive helmet. There was also a screaming ghoul and all kinds of sea creatures including octopus and jellyfish.

Finally, the team of Emily Beukers who is from Washington, D.C., and Miranda Potrie who is from British Columbia, Canada took home first place. The duo, pictured above, impressed the judges with a shark-tastic cutout. In addition, the pumpkin art was accented with a skillfully sculpted skull and crossbones. Their prize was a free dive trip for two at Amoray Dive Resort. The resort is a contest sponsor.

That’s part of the fun of Halloween. There is literally something for everybody from costumes for pets to the Florida divers who carve Halloween pumpkins underwater.