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FORT MYERS BEACH, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 04: Members of the Virginia Task Force 2 Urban Search and Rescue team comb through the wreckage on Fort Myers Beach looking for victims of Hurricane Ian October 04, 2022 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Southwest Florida suffered severe damage during the Category 4 hurricane which caused extensive damage to communities along the state's coast. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

I truly believe that music can bring people together and even bring smiles during peoples darkest of times. Including one object found in Hurricane Ian Debris.

This was a fun moment in the middle of a literal disaster: Hurricane Ian

With over 9 feet of storm surge and over 110mph winds, it is hard to believe that any items found would be anything other than water logged or destroyed.

Volunteers near Fort Myers were cleaning up debris last week after Hurricane Ian, and found a piano that got carried away from someone’s house by floodwaters. It was still playable, so two of them took a break to sit down and play it, and one was pretty good. He did the classic rhythm and blues song, “Kansas City”.


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Pictures Of Sanibel In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Ian