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The age old neighbor dispute of a dog pooping in someone’s yard took a odd twist in Cape Coral over the weekend.

We feel the homeowner and dog owner may have taken it too far but we also get that you are supposed to pick up after your dog.

According to one side of the story a neighbor was fed up with a K9 relieving itself in their yard and the pet owner refusing to clean it up. While returning the deposit to the neighbor, the dog’s owner looked at it a different way and you guessed it. Things just got escalated.

Gage Goulding from NBC2 has the full story

But it goes like this: One neighbor accuses another of letting his dog crap in his yard. Neighbor scoops up poop and brings it back to the dog owner, drops the poop on his steps.

Neighbor with dog grabs a machete and threatens to kill other neighbor.

Cape Coral Police make an arrest.